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So I have come to a point in my business that has basically halted my progress on nearly every level. One might compare my current status as 'barely breathing'. But not from lack of effort or improper setup of existing systems or bad S.E.O. Instead, hard-working people whether it be online or off, are suckered and... Continue Reading →

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10K in 1 day. Is it even possible?

People who are not in the Industry don't think so. Very few anyway.  But those that work in and around the Affiliate Marketing niche know it IS possible. And not just possible but pretty much every day.  All around the web in a different niche to different products. It happens and it's happening more and... Continue Reading →


Please, Lord, Don’t take my daughter.

I don't really know what to say to how to say it. The fear every parent has whether or not our child has a handicap or condition remains the same and shared amongst every parent. We instill good values and morals and guide them the best we can. But ultimately our children will live their... Continue Reading →

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