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So I have come to a point in my business that has basically halted my progress on nearly every level. One might compare my current status as ‘barely breathing’. But not from lack of effort or improper setup of existing systems or bad S.E.O. Instead, hard-working people whether it be online or off, are suckered and lead to believe that what they are paying for IS legitimate and proper. The average consumer doesn’t research every single product or service they need. Instead, we get ready on a Saturday morning and grab the kids and head to the mall. Unaware of just how many vendors and shop owners are waiting for unsuspecting consumers to pop in.

The past few months for me and my business have been turbulent at best. With a clearer understanding of what needs to be done, I have worked tirelessly and vigorously to attain and secure the needs of myself and my business. Through other people’s targeted efforts my ability to move currency about the internet came to an abrupt halt on the very last day of June 2017. This makes doing ANY business online and offline extremely difficult. But iIfound a way. With other marketer’s help and advice from some of the best in the industry, I managed to keep things moving throughout the summer months. Still hindered by frozen accounts and queries falling upon purposely blind eyes and intentional deaf ears I turned to a possible solution I had heard of before but never tried or used. is the pioneer, or so I’m told, of ethical money adder software. If you go to Youtube or some chat forums you’ll see people from around the globe citing instant cash added right to your Paypal account.  Most of the common threads, however, don’t work. You input your Paypal email, generate said amount and push go. But then a pop-up appears and you’re required to prove your human through a series of offers or tasks you must complete in order to get the transfer. But all the happens is you are lead on an endless loop of offers that are never deemed ‘complete’. But this is NOT software. For the privilege of using their software you must first create an account, then wait 7 days for a special email inviting you to the site. Then and only then you are allowed to purchase one of 4 different software packages, Ranging from the addition of $500/day right up to $20,000/day   and just recently they have the software to add BTC. That’s right. Bitcoin. The new digital currency sweeping the planet and gaining unheard of momentum as it currently sits at 3 times the value of Gold.  Nevertheless, I needed an answer and this was the only option I had.

First off, you should know that FX ONLY takes bitcoin for payments for their software. In retrospect, that in itself is odd.  Regardless, I shelled out $192USD in bitcoin(0.043456btc=$192USD on August 31,2017) Not understanding how the site or the software works I eagerly sat and waited in the chat window to ask why my software was nowhere to be found. If you go to the site there are all sorts of infoboxes telling you that you will have INSTANT ACCESS to the software upon payment. Funny, I never EVER got access. After 3 days of hearing or speaking with nobody from FXSoftworks, they finally broke their silence telling me that the software works through their own BTC miner and that’s how the money or BTC is generated and enables one to inject funds into your account. It was then I understood that I would need to deposit another $200USD in bitcoin. Let me explain the process even to purchase bitcoin. It is like trying to secure a vile of nuclear grade plutonium from the Pentagon’s back office. Especially when your main piece of identification expired just 3 weeks before. If you’ve never purchased BTC and have no experience with it, make sure you understand FULLY what you are doing or your lack of knowledge of how it works could cost you everything. A week ago I was in a chat room with a lot of other people from around the globe and there was a couple from California there asking just about anyone they could engage, questions about reclaiming their bitcoin.As I scrolled up and read the just of it I came to realize that they did NOT follow instructions on how to create a blockchain wallet nor did they understand the difference between your wallet I.D. and your wallet address. They purchased $275,000USD in BTC. Then somewhere along the process gave someone their wallet I.D. and when they returned the next day to see their BTC, it was all gone. Overnite they were wiped out because they didn’t understand how it worked. But I’m getting off track.

So I scrounged and sold a couple digital products online and secured the $200USD in BTC and sent it to the fine and ethical people at FXSoftworks. I was excited, to say the least. Finally, I could pay a bill or two and get back on track. The date now was September 5,2017. (I sent $235CAD=0.0414125btc on September 5,2017) . The buildup was short lived as no sooner than I had made that payment, Bitcoin took a nosedive in value plummeting and losing nearly $2000USD in value in less than a week. And to make matters worse, FXSoftworks closed all the windows and locked the doors and I did NOT hear from them for 12 straight days!

Now if you were I, and struggling to stay afloat and a company with the answer to your problems suddenly wouldn’t even let you in the front doors. Would you not be upset? Would you not bang on that door as hard and as loud as you could until someone answered? I would. I did. As loud as digitally allowed! Sending a flurry of emails and spamming the shit out of the chat box until someone answered.13 days, they emerged behind their chat box window. This is what followed. Because of the current market value of Bitcoin there server is very weak and cannot keep up with consumer demand. Therefore if I wanted to use the software now, I would have to add an additional $100USD in Bitcoin. I did and sent them 0.027btc=$110USD on Saturday, September 16,2017. I came back 8 hours later even to give them time to get my software ready, then shit hit the fan. Upon getting on chat and getting a comfy place on my bed to start generating funds I was instantly transformed by the first sentence support sent me in the chat box. It read “Ok. We have received your additional injection of BTC, now all you need is to pay for the upgrade’.  ??? Excuse me??  What F#$*^!’n upgrade? I just paid for MY upgrade! You told me ‘add $100 more and you are good to go’

We exchanged words back and forth for nearly 2 hours as no matter what I said and even copy and pasted her exact words back to her, they insisted it was a misunderstanding and that the only way I was using or getting the software, was if I added an additional $290USD in BTC to their system. The gloves came off and they immediately went back into lockdown mode where they stay even now. Company head B.L. is too scared to return my email and chat support won’t even acknowledge me except to lie to me even more. Support agent D, burped a tiny response Tuesday nite saying ‘Don’t worry. You will receive your refund today’.  He lied. I didn’t receive anything.

So if anyone IS using this software, please comment below. I would like your insight into this site and maybe I’ll get my BTC back. I need it desperately. And for the anyone else who would like to check it out, please go have yourself a look but be aware they do not do business like an ethical site should.

Tell em sent you.    or actually, it’s better if you didn’t. I pretty sure they hate me now but I don’t care and somehow, someway I WILL recover what they stole from me

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From Chasing Dragons to Chasing Clicks. And my endless pursuit of justice and happiness.

Hello and Welcome to my blog. It’s a miracle in itself that i’m even here. And not just here but in the internet space at all. Those you know me personally would have never thought that i ,Robin Lauscher, would ever be involved with a career in the computer or internet space. Prior to this i barely used a p.c. for anything. The one i had/have sat in my apartment collecting dust. I don’t think i even turned it on once. But then something unexpected happened and my journey into I.M. and discovering myself ,accidentally, began.

These are the accounts of my life and the life i’m fighting for beginning from spring 2015.

Again thank you for being here on my blog and enjoy!

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Please, Lord, Don’t take my daughter.

I don’t really know what to say to how to say it. The fear every parent has whether or not our child has a handicap or condition remains the same and shared amongst every parent. We instill good values and morals and guide them the best we can. But ultimately our children will live their own lives and regardless if we approve or not, we remain there for them when they need us and even when they don’t. I am lucky with my daughter Paige. She’s a good girl. Finished school. Doesn’t get in trouble. Is still unsure of what she wants to do with herself but she’ll figure it out. She’s smart and funny and articulate and good things are gonna happen for her down the road. I know it.

Six years ago she woke up in a hospital in northeastern Alberta seemingly unaware of why she was there. It was then disclosed to her that she was diabetic. And not just diabetic, but type 1.  From the hop, she wasn’t happy about it. But then again who is. She would adapt. And she did. Over the past six years, she’s had a few bumps in the road. But in the past 2 months, she had been to the hospital 3x. Twice by ambulance. But as my phone rang on the morning of October 12,2017, everything would change.

Before I even turned the handle of her bedroom door I noticed a very cold draft coming from under her door. Like extremely cold. On the day here in our city, the morning temp was -6C. I knock a couple times, no answer. I open the door and there my little girl half on half off her bed with her arms positioned in an odd way. Besides that, I instantly noticed her color and still movement. I grab her and pull her up onto the bed and immediately call 911. I administer c.p.r. and waited for medics to arrive. It seemed to me that they took a long time but it wasn’t. On the way to the hospital, her heart failed. They got her back but then it failed again later that day.

Currently, she is in I.C.U. being tended to and cared for by some of the best doctors and nurses in the world. She clings to life by a thread on life support. And I am helpless to help her, to change her odds, to give her strength. To give her anything. We can only pray and hope that she keeps fighting and doesn’t give up because I don’t want to give my child to God. I don’t ever want to. It’s supposed to go in order. Isn’t it? Shouldn’t it? So even if you don’t know Paige, Please keep her in your prayers. She’s one of the good ones. You would like her. You really would. Thank you for reading this post. Please do NOT share to Facebook or Instagram.

Many Thanks to the Doctors and Staff at Royal Alex Hospital in Edmonton, AB, Canada

For my little girl,




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Desperate Times

Why do we sometimes put ourselves at risk to help others?

Surely i’m not the only one who has gone out of their way to help someone, only to have that very same person throw you under the bus or incur more costs often leaving you worse off than if you hadn’t helped them at all. Why is the world that way? I myself see the world as a very ugly and unsafe place to be. When i grew up there was a certain sense of respect and people were less afraid to live. To go and knock on a neighbours door. To allow their children to venture off on their own ,seeking whatever adventures and childhood trouble they could get in to.

Surely, i can’t be the only one who has maybe risked more than they should on a less reputable course of action or pending loan application. This week has been the most turbulent of all. My friend ,who was with me and my family for over a year, is gone. Happily reunited with her baby boy , that her own parents help in taking away in the
first place. But in her wake, a trail of debt, loss of income and despair like never before. Faced with power being cut off, rent still due and still being locked out of my accounts from government policies, my once bright and flourishing new life and career are now in jeopardy of not becoming a reality.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. How do we calculate what needs to be done, or attained with what we realistically can risk or act upon ,to achieve our desired end result? Do we flip a coin or go “all in” with a best guess scenario approach? Or do we research every last possibility with a fine tooth comb ,weighing the pro’s and con’s of every last possible outcome. For me it’s always been an easy choice,although not always the best way to deal with situations like this.

You see i am a gambler. Not so much in a casino sense , but in a life sense. I have chosen to live my life a certain way and most times it works out for me. But the seemingly insurmountable heap of legitimate living costs are slowly crushing me . And very soon this new found job that i have come to love and have a passion for is all about to come crashing down.Nobody understands the cost of doing business in this space and nobody understands really what it is that i do. I try to explain and even show on my screen but for anyone not directly involved with even a tiny piece of I.M. it’s like speaking in a different language. My friend Dean Holland explains it best in a video he made for his mom some time ago.(I’ll ask him if i can post his video for next time) But it sums up what’s like to be in an industry nobody knows exists. The only true measure and validation you’ll ever receive is when you pull up to your parents house in a $250,000 supercar or pay off their house. It’s what this industry will bring you if your willing to put in the hard work. Then and only then will the people closest to you validate what you’ve been doing. But even then, they still won’t have a clear and concise picture of what we do. It’s just one of those things.

I sent a letter to a hacker a few days ago. More of a blind letter. TO my surprise , he/she replied.I explained who i was and what i did and what i needed. Through a series of back and forth emails and a plan i thought was in motion. Nope. From the moment my eyes caught the push notification in the corner of my screen, i knew this ‘hacker’ was no closer to helping me and really put me further behind. Piece of digital sh*!t. But that’s what i get. Look for answers in dark places and chances are all you’ll find is darker questions and even more darker answers.

However, there is a major positive that has emerged. Last friday i secured a position as a partner with one of the biggest lead generation and marketing companies in the U.S. I don’t know if they would allow me to mention their name on here so i’ll leave them out for now . But ya. They sought me out. i got on a call that lastest a little over 95 mins and they brought me aboard. My first global campaign goes out sept.21, 2017. So at least now ill able to have proof of what i am doing in a structure visible company.

But for now i need to address the problems happening right now. So if anyone wants to buy my truck. You know how to get ahold of me and ill leave contact details at the bottom of this page. I wanna wish everybody a great week! And can i get a “HELL YA!” for the imminent return of SNOW?!!! 🙂

I didn’t think so.

Robin. L

The Invisible Fight. Becoming Transparent.

What can i say? Meaning until 5 minutes ago, I had a contemplated quitting this blog and coming to terms with my situation and accepting it and all the endless battles i would have certainly had to do to recover from this latest group of setbacks.

I have never been this emotional in my entire life. It’s hard to explain just how i feel at this very moment. For i have been tirelessly dedicated to this new career and life and it has been a struggle to say the least. Despite the doubter’s who wouldn’t believe and one’s who just didn’t care enough to ask , there is something to be said about the feeling that engulf’s you once you have your ‘breakthrough’. Not just because it means you no longer have to explain where all this money is going or how everything works. Or where all this money you said you’d make is at. Regardless, a shift is about to take place where people will want to know How, what, where and when.  But even that isn’t the best part.

For me it’ll be to help those who helped me and to make their lives a bit easier and alot less worrisome. For my parents to finally have something real that they can be proud of . And my children who never judged me and stuck with me for it is my turn to make up for lost time and broken promises. I love you very much and i’ll see ALL of you soon.

This is just the beginning. And those of you who dismissed me and tried to take away what is and will always be rightfully MINE, if you thought i was raising the roof before………..Tisk Tisk! You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet!!

To ALL my kids and family and friends, I’ll SEE YOU VERY SOON!!

Robin Lauscher

P.S. a special thanks to Terry Lamb for the Awesome Opportunity in his HTAM Team #1     And to Chase Swift for helping me through one of the most emotional Saturday’s of my life!!  i couldnt have gotten through it without you.

Soundcloud-an audio experience

So lately i’ve been trying my hand at content creation via Audacity and Soundcloud. At first i was very nervous to say the least . Although im not sure why. After all it is just my voice being recorded. I think it’s because i am conscience of how it may sound to others who listen. I don’t know. All i do know is that the more i do the easier it becomes and with each audio post i make it grows my presence online and builds confidence in myself to produce content consistently.

Consistency is the key to so much in this industry. To put yourself ‘out there’ is the only way anyone will ever remember you. The eyes and ear’s of the world need to see or hear you and then they need to be interested in what you have to offer. Content in itself is not enough. It has to be captivating , and interesting and appeal to your target audience. Otherwise your efforts may go in vain. So pick 1 topic and 1 solution and give it your all, and you’ll see over time your list and reputation will start to build and your bank account balance will too.My First Audio Post

The Importance of Existing Online and Offline.

“The reasons you are struggling with your online business is because YOU don’t Exist!”   The first time i read that post on Facebook i almost instantly stopped and thought about that for a minute. I processed what i read , connected all the dots, and came to my OWN opinion! I didn’t exist.

If you look at all the top marketer’s in our industry ,it’s because they are heard, seen and share with everybody, everywhere on every platform. And from this they are over time ,implanted the mind’s and the heart’s of the masses of people who click their ads, share their posts or buy their products/services. Plain and simple.

For a-lot of people, including myself,  putting ourselves “out there” for the world to see sends shivers down our spines because it takes us out of our comfy idealistic conditions within our own homes or offices and forces you to put your best foot forward and deliver valuable content to the WORLD.But wait. Aren’t you still at home? Or in your car? Maybe your outside or on vacation. Your still shooting a video , in a comforting place,  yet still we have apprehensions and ‘stage fright’.  So what else could we be so worried or nervous about? The sound of our voice and how it might sound “weird”? How we look or if our content does indeed provide value to those who choose to listen and watch. Who knows really and honestly as much as our reasons for this may be similar, i believe everyone has their own fears based on their own reasons. And that’s why what works for one or a few doesn’t always, and in this industry in particular i believe is why so many fail. Not everyone can be a marketing expert. For myself it has changed who i was not that long ago. I myself have never been so happily dedicated to what i do as my profession.

And for the first time in a long time i believe i’m starting to exist. Offline. And Online. Offline my life was scattered at best. My family knew i ‘alive’ or existing. But not really. More like floating in a holding pattern. And in the past 15 months i have changed my entire mindset and values and put my best foot forward in my drive to be successful and worthy of a life i can be proud of and my family can be proud of too. And its for these reasons why its vitally important to exist online.

So get a little uncomfortable and break out of your shell and do it for yourself. Do it for your business. And do it because it feels good to give back and feel like your contributing to others in their quest to find their own piece of happiness.

Exist and everything will get better.

The Invisible Fight….encore

And to my friend:  We had a bond that nobody saw or understood. Including me. But somehow it worked and when we were pushed against the boards it took us both to find some wiggle room. And we made it through.

I know you did not want things to end up this way. I know you are NOT like your parents .But the choices YOU made for both of us, IS why we are now faced with a whole new set of let downs and lawsuits. I warned you then, i warned you now and you have chosen to not do anything i believe out of fear of reprisal from your undeserving of life parents. The very same ones who you were afraid to tell them you had a vehicle at the age of 32.

But regardless, i also didn’t want things to be this way. I was never given room to breathe. And i still built it. Learned it. Implemented it. And in one foul swoop those who would rather lie and pay their way through, did. Leaving me and my family to pick up the pieces after you go home. There’s just no way i can allow that to happen.

I tried to tell you how it would go, and it has. I tried to tell you we were running out of time. We did.  I’m sorry but i also have no choice,again, and tell those who supported me, i’ve failed once again.



The Invisible Fight……all 4 nothing?

So those of you who have read this blog and followed the storyline know that for me, this was my best effort and most dedicated to a new found career and determination that propelled me to securing a future for myself and my kids forever. But as i sit and write this post it all may have been for nothing. Because also as i sit here and write this blog, it will probably be my last as for all the fight i have done and all the right moves i made, it has gotten me nowhere. Why you ask? Because the person who i looked over and made sure was taken care of when they had nobody and nowhere to go, has not taken the appropriate steps to ensure those responsible pay for their malicious lies and vengeful acts against me . When it was me and only me who welcomed her into our family without prejudice or judgment.

I sit here scared. Feeling very alone. I told her it would come to this. I told her we were running out of time, i told her this is NOT what i wanted and had aspirations and plans of my own! But she chose to ignore me , and do things her and her evil parents way. You see it was they who got her baby taken away. Who does that?? What kind of parent would do that to their pregnant daughter,out of spite. Makes you wonder what kind of people they are. It’s the same ones who tricked me into flying to vancouver island last fall citing “we just want our nearly term daughter to not be alone driving through the mountains in mid fall’.  Makes sense to me. But those are the thoughts of moralistic and compassionate people. They ‘people’ don’t qualify.  They just wanted her off the island so they could in essence “pawn” her off on me. And that’s exactly what happened.

And despite accepting this forced assumption of another person i could not afford i couldn’t help but to feel for her. I can’t fathom that happening to me and so i integrated her into my family . Where she received all the labours of love and care through mom when she was down or at dad’s where she always had a great meal. And still i kept her with me because she had nobody. And the fight for baby James began.

Then the evil parents show their ugly mug in mid february citing “we were wrong.we are sorry,we will do what we can to get your baby back”. But i knew then for sure that their only option to arrange this would be at my expense. And as sure as death and taxes, It peered it’s ugly face the day i went golfing with my friend and ate a ‘special’ gummy treat that i wish i hadn’t.(That story is for another time.WOW!)

As i went to meet Dad in Red Deer that day ,i thought to myself “Please God! Let this mail be something i don’t have to deal with now or another issue i need help with. My parents have gone through enough and i didn’t want to have yet another issue to add their extensive collection of “Bobby’s Greatest Family WTF’s”. And i prayed. I actually did. I found i have been doing that more and more lately. Seemingly for any number of reasons but this one i needed to be answered.

Nope. Not this time. Instead i would viciously punted through the uprights with a court imposed maintenance order , directing me to pay the person i was already looking after nearly $2,234.50. And not only that but already at first stage of motor vehicles services restriction. Are you F$#%$#’n kidding me!?!?!?

Then to compound things 1 day after i had access to my e-commerce money , which is more than i’ve ever had in my entire life, maintenance steps in and freezes everything. Rendering my once again powerless, money less, and fighting for my very life and future once again, in what is MY greatest year of determination and grit to stick with something and have it impact my life so much as to rid me of an addiction , Just to be systematically ripped down and destroyed as if it never existed at all.  So i still have a little under 20 hrs left i guess but i am tapped. I never got to pay my bills or see the smiles come back to my parents and show them what i’ve done and them be proud of me!! I honestly did the best i could do and did whatever i could to get there. And i am here. But too many agencies and people who won’t listen are all tugging at me and i’m out of time!!!  I’m Sorry!

And to those who took my life and my families life so cavalier….I AM COMING DIRECTLY FOR YOU!! DO YOU HEAR ME?? I AM COMING DIRECTLY TO YOUR FRONT FUCKING DOOR!  And then it’ll be my turn to take EVERYTHING away from YOU!!

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