Sunny Skies Ahead

It’s been a while. I apologize.

And while the seemingly impossible fight to reclaim my son’s continues, I continue to push forward in my life and business.

But before I get into that I really need to get something off my back. What is with our justice system. My case is clearly one of deception and out right lies, yet the people that incurred this whole ordeal are not held to any accountability for what they have done.

They even went so far as to file an injunction against this blog. Lol. Can you believe that?

Knowing they crossed a line by using my son as a pawn in their scattered and sick plan to control every person within their family circle.

I mean HOW can it be allowed or admissible to lie on an affidavit, purposely separate mother and son, TWICE, and then send mother a province away, then give away her baby a week later.

If that doesn’t scream “Malicious Intent” then I don’t what does.

Yet lawyer after lawyer tells me it’s not relevant. Really? So someone can outright destroy someone else’s life, for no gain other than to cause emotional and financial hardship.

And then to use a little boy as a pawn to satisfy their need to be right and in control.

They are snakes. They have no morals or regrets. They see people as ‘expendable’. They use the courts and give false testimonies to get what they want, leaving broken lives, brokens hearts and lost and confused children in their wake.

How can this be allowed? I always thought this country was pretty good at evaluating and delivering fair and appropriate justice.  I can tell you that from where I stand, our justice system is severely flawed. When Family & Social Services gets involved they too have shady ways to embellish or ‘revise’ documents that destroy families.

Everyday I see, less than loving parents of little children who publicly get aggressive over a crying baby or wandering youngster. It makes me furious!

Just the other day a couple in a store had  a crying little one and the father picked up this little girl by her arm, spanked her and then forcefully threw her into the carriage. Swearing and cursing at this little girl. They went at the counter and not even the clerk said anything.  They get their baby but I don’t get mine??

Help me understand this.

And to L& D, I know you’ll read this. You think it’s over? It’s not.It has just begun. You think you know me, you don’t. I am 100x the parent you ever could be. You have caused so much anguish and pain that I’m sure your happy about. It reflects to the type of people you are. Methodical, calculating and malicious. NOTHING about you or who you portray yourself to be is based on Love, Understanding, Unconditional, genuine. People like you don’t deserve those personal traits. You don’t qualify.


Sorry I got off track. This week Im launching a business that will be my legacy business direction. Come back mid-week to see what’s happening!


To the Scumbags on Mill Rd. Qualicum Beach, B.C.

First off, I know you read this blog. I know your lawyers and other legal council you’ve sequestered to HIDE and COVER UP what you’ve done, also read it too.


Today, after calling and being ignored and outright LIED to by public lawyer referral services and having Legal Aid WASTE our time for nearly 3 months, they came back to us and told us they WOULD not be taking our case because there is NO way to prove any of it.


Obviously they spoke to the wrong person. I have EVERYTHING related to MY SON, and these LYING P.O.S, people who have manipulated the justice system and the family courts into believing THEY are so loving and have done so much to ensure the safety of MY SON!!!

Since when is it allowed to LIE on an affidavit, that totally alters the entire course of an individual’s life.

Since when it is ok to use children as pawn’s in other people’s sick & twisted need to be in control. I guess since it was ok to maliciously tear mother from child TWICE in less than 18 months.

Also, I guess when the courts say it is OK for ANYONE to give FALSE TESTIMONY about another, regardless of ANY implications it may have on that person.

Since when is our Family & Social Services so quick to judge and feel the need to use their position within the system to outright discredit and manipulate other people’s lives.

You see, I didn’t know the rules only applied to people who can PAY to have them changed or altered…….or REVISED!

THis is where we are at….Since my last post the most immoral and evil and cold-hearted couple who reside on 515 Mill Rd, Qualicum Beach, B.C. have filed paper’s EVERYWHERE to block our progress to reclaim our son they gave away, just to be in control and to hurt their OWN daughter and me. They didn’t even give a shit about OUR SON JAMES!! Their only intent from the very beginning was to be in control of their daughter and to withhold him from me because I gave their daughter a VOICE!

Through MY family , she was shown REAL love and support. Not FAKE and FORCED love like the SCUMBAGS on Mill Road are. They have taken EVERY legal course of action to BLOCK and COVER UP what they have done!!

They are a couple STUPID MOTHER FU@$”! ‘S!!

They use this blog as their ‘O my!! I’m scared!! Look at the horrible things he writes!! This is why we need to protect our grandson we gave away!! Because we love him so much!!”


I want this blog to catch fire and pass the word because NOTHING will stop my progress to reclaim my son, my happiness, my life and to make you BOTH accountable for every lie and unethical action you took against me and my son and his mother from DAY 1!!!

Your money and bullshit lies can’t close every door!! And I will not rest until you atone for EVERYTHING you stole from your daughter, from me and from JAMES!!!

And after we get him back and he grows up, when he’s ready I’ll tell him of this fight. That his mother and I fought to get him back after his own GRANDPARENTS tore him from his mother not once but TWICE before he was even 1.5 years old!!

LEZ & DEB HODGSON!! You are vile and despicable human beings. You have used your methodical notions and lies to outright destroy the lives of 3 people. Do you really think this would ever be allowed? DO you think you’ve won?! LMFAO!!!

Every action you take in defense simply adds to the massive pile of OFFENSE that’s about to come knocking on your door!!!

So all you lawyers who signed up for a subscription to this blog,Welcome!

I know your here, and that’s fine. I welcome ALL legal person’s who signed up only to report on this case.

Let me ask you this.

If I truly felt I didn’t have rights or a platform to stand on, Do you think I would even be ‘HERE’?  Writing what I write ‘HERE’! Are you under the impression that I am an uneducated or simple man?  If you do, I can almost guarantee it was on the words from Deb & Lez Hodgson. Who I can prove told many, many LIES and MALICIOUS INTENT towards Melissa and myself during the past 2 years. Think about it. Why would they go through such length’s? And then ask yourself…..

Why are YOU HERE!!  🙂

Melissa and baby were with each other night and day after getting him back in September 2017. Right up until they FORCED her to take a plane to Alberta.


Or maybe the question should really be, What did Lez & Deb Hodgson tell you was the reason why.

I bet you FACT and what THEY told you are 2 extremely different stories.

I have NEW & REVISED documents that I”m sure ANY of you would love to see.

Then again, you probably are wishing that I did NOT possess them. TOO BAD!!

I DO!!

Wanna compare notes and other ‘interesting and relevant exhibits??

This isn’t over. Not even close. In fact, things are just where they NEED to be.

And ALL person’s and agencies involved in this….will be named and brought to the front of the line.

Back someone into a corner when you think they’ve got nothing left. When you think you’ve managed to cover up every hole and avenue that may be used to EXPOSE the true account of this outrage!!

To most, they would be done. They would surrender. That’s how there is NO way you could have said the things you did, UNDER OATHE, about me. Because you don’t know me. And when the dust settles, you’ll wish you never stuck your nose in my life and used my little boy in your fucking twisted sick game of life!!

To the Legal person’s of Interest following this Blog.

I am right here. If ever you want the RIGHT and CORRECT information and to correct a serious misallocation of Justice to reunite a loving mother and father with their son, please! Get ahold of me.

Thanks for reading this post and there is much more to come.


Update: The Monsters on Mill Rd. Qualicum Beach…..con’t

So in the past few weeks since my last post (Sorry, I know it’s been a while) alot has changed.

The very direction and result we had hoped for has now violently and methodically been altered. It has become a battle that has now become inter-provincial and those that need to know, are starting to listen and evidence is being brought forth.

Since Melissa unexpectedly showed up at the airport on January 29, 2018 there was immediately questions and unknown’s.  And over the next 7 weeks leading up to April 6,2018, She and I will work harder and scrape together as much money as we can to get her back to island to make contact with our little boy, James.

She would message her parents sometimes twice a day. Calling her ‘dad’ 3 or 4 times a week. Every week. From the moment she landed back on January 29. Her ‘dad’ only replying once. His response to her heart-wrenching cries for ANY details or information about her son she was forcefully seperated from for the 2nd time in less than 20 months. “How is My son? Does he miss me?” she asks. Her father replies,”He is happy to see ANYONE who feeds him.”

Just the typical ‘loving’ remark any genuine and ethically and heartfelt gand-parent would say.

When I read that response I instantly felt a rage inside of me that just wanted to lash out a 1000 different ways! Inflicting the same pain he and his unmoralistic wife ‘D’ have inflicted emotionally on myself and their own daughter, Melissa.

I often tried to place myself in her shoes. Although the pain of this matter has been shared between us both, as a mother , to have your child taken from you, not once but twice by the same people. So they could satisfy their own sick thirst to control and manipulate every situation to get THEIR way, and seemingly be accountable to none of it?  FUCK THAT!!

After getting on a bus and travelling all the way back to her parents house on Mill Road, Qualicum Beach, Vancouver Island, she walked up the house to see her adoptive father (L.H.) mowing the grass. Without even saying hello he pipes up when she is a few feet from the door. “What are you doing here?, he says. “You son is NOT HERE!” and then proceeds to ask why she is even there and if she doesn’t leave the property he’ll call the police.

?!?!?!?!?!?!   Are you Fu%#$& Kidding me   !?!?!?!?!?

Like the cold and calculated and selfish people they are, although calling them people I feel is undeserving. They don’t qualify. But like they have proven time and time again, they have went and done the unthinkable to satisfy and then cower to prove once and for all who is in charge!! THEY ARE!!

They really showed their daughter and me just how much pain they can cause to hold their heads high and fool their community, co-worker’s and anyone else they portray themselves to be. Just like in the affidavit they gave on July 19,2017 in Red Deer, Alberta that they outright LIED on. Under oath i might add.

Form day 1 when I chose to stay at a hotel in comfort on MY holiday , instead of staying at their house so they could ‘control’ the situation is the ONLY reason ANY of this is happening. D.H. verbally stated this during the phone call we had back on January 21,2018. I also have an email where she states this very petty and selfish justification for emotionally destroying her daughter’s psyche and altering and confusing my life and little baby James’ life.

On a positive note, those who need to know, know. But it is for all these reasons why they methodically shipped her off the Island on January 28,2018. They ALREADY knew and had planned to do the unthinkable and give their daughter’s son…AWAY!

From what we understand they gave him away sometime between February 7 and February 12,2018. But we know where he was taken. We have been in contact with those who need to know.

Alot of people around the globe have told me this record and account as I outline it in this blog may be detrimental to my case and for the proper and rightful justice this case should have. The way I see it is this.  If it is so easy to LIE and manipulate the system that is supposed to stand for peace and justice and a fair right to stand up for whats right then what are we doing????  Is this ‘JUST’?  Is this ‘JUSTIFIED’?

I really love the comments. Good or Bad or Impartial I read em all. And take every bit of advice or suggestions and think about it form a rational point of view.

But one way or another I’m getting my son(s) back!! There is NO WAY this will be allowed to go uninterrupted and unquestioned. And those responsible for fucking with MY life, with their daughter’s life and the life of a little boy who has exchanged hands and houses more times in his short life that he is probably in a state of confusion and wonder. It breaks my heart.

So, that’s where we stand right now. Heart broken and looking for answer’s. During the past 22 months I have never felt an emotion so profound as in relation to wanting my youngest boys in my life. Ryder and I had a bond that was special for us. Not to discredit his mother for anything because the reality of it is that she is a good and loving mother to him. That was never in question. But what is wrong is how she has purposely chosen to omit and discredit me out of his life. All because she is selfish and has this fictitious notion that her current bf SHOULD be Ryder’s father. Even though MY family helped and accepted her many times over even prior to when Ryder was born. I helped her lot’s and this is my repayment. I haven’t seen my son in 3 Christmas’ in a row. I promise you Ryder, there will NOT be a fourth!

And for my little baby boy James’, whom I have never held or played with or given an opportunity to love and raise and watch him grow, I will also see you very soon as well. Diligent research and inquiry has finally paid off.

This series of posts as they relate to my current situation with my boys, is dedicated to ALL parents out there who have been thrown under the bus and have not seen their children due to a vengeful ex, a pack of lies or a methodical plot to cause you pain to satisfy someone else’s sick need to inflict pain, My heart goes out to you and I understand your pain. But there are ways to connect with those whose voices and positions CAN help you reclaim your happiness and your children. Just think outside the box. If a level of provincial or federal government is getting you nowhere then look ..HIGHER. Who do they answer to? That’s where I went. And in a very short time was able to reach the very top. As an example, If anyone out there has a Maintenance Order against them that was outlined by an old tax return or a circumstance that was NOT included or excluded from the original motion, then you know that trying to get anyone from Maintenance Enforcement to listen to you is next to impossible. The system was/is designed to make default and ‘dead beat’ father’s accountable for their children. Fair enough. But it was NEVER designed or outlined to protect or allow the father’s of children who have been unjustifiably had their children taken away or right to see them denied by the spouses, grandparents,co-worker’s or former friend who just wants to cause them pain for their own needs. Circumstances such as these SHOULD have a place in our courts and in our Family Law Resolution policies.

And those who alter and disrupt the lives of others with malicious and selfish intent SHOULD be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law! Sentence or fine or take away THEIR rights or ability to see their children for the exact amount of time YOU/I were taken away from OURS! Maybe then people will think twice before using the system and the courts to act out their methodical and pain inflicting notions.

There is little left to do now but wait for a reply. L.H. & D.H. who live on Mill Rd, Qualicum Beach, Vancouver Island, I have but 1 thing left to say to you………but that will have to wait until I see you both face to face in court. But know this. When the dust has settled and there is nothing left to do or say NEITHER of you will EVER SEE or INTERACT or be in James’ life. You are poison who stole him from his mother, twice and without blinking an eye, gave him AWAY like he was nothing!! You both should be ashamed of yourself for doing and acting how you have going all the way back to the summer of 2016 when you arrived in Red Deer. But even then I offered you both a civil and beneficial resolve for all of us, multiple times, when I was justified then so write you off. The steps you took to gain, alter, control and emotionally discredit Melissa and myself will be what sets US free!!

And you two can look back at what could have been, and what you will NEVER have again!

Family.  Love.

Help us bring James home where he belongs. If anyone in the greater Vancouver area can help us, please comment below.

Thanks for reading this post.

For James and Ryder.melissa&baby

What kind of Parents could do THAT to their OWN Daughter?

So basically it breaks down like this.

July 2016- I meet M’s Parents , L.H. & D.H., for the first time. From the start I knew I would need to keep emails, phone messages, voice mails. M was supposed to          leave with them the morning of her parents 2 day visit w/daughter. Instead, Mrs.H would beat her daughter up in hotel parking lot and kick her out on the side of the road.

Nov 2016- Mr. H CONS me into flying to Nanaimo, with tickets he paid for and sent to me via email, to come and drive his 8.5 month pregnant daughter and her stuff      through the mountains in late fall. Citing out of concern for his daughter’s well being. (was revealed 1 day later that he did it to get her off the Island and to appease the unreasonable Mrs.H’s extreme measures)

Nov.19,2017- Baby James in born on this day in Red Deer, Alberta. 5 days after, M was notified  at the hospital that Family and Social Services were TAKING baby and she would  NOT get her baby back. They acted upon FALSE testimony and out right LIES          from her OWN parents. L.H. & D.H.. (I have emails where she admits later to doing this out of spite to hurt her daughter)

From That point on until Feb.22 0, 2017, Myself and M drove back and forth from              Edmonton to Red Deer 2 times a week so she could comply with Social Services                    and see her baby for an hour per visit.

March 2017-  After a rare moment in clarity and reason, L.H. & D.H. re-enter their  daughter’s life, throw her a bit of money and tell her THEY will get baby James          back for her.(To basically make up for what they had done and the pain they had                caused) What was to take 8 weeks, turned into 7 months.

June 2017- After going through the courts to get baby James back, her parents  suddenly tell their daughter they are NOT going forward with this process. Their reasons mostly was because someone saw me drop her off at her appointments. Seems harmless enough. You see they HATE me because I gave M a voice. I told her it was her god given right to live her OWN LIFE on her terms. This is the side of these people nobody sees and nobody knows. Let me explain.

From the first meeting in July 2016 her parents came into town like they were the new sheriff. At one point walking into MY families shop, and her Dad questioning me as to our last apartment ordeal which they had NOTHING to do with. I nearly lost my cool and basically telling him he better take a step back and watch how he is talking to me!! Who the fuck is this asshole telling me how to live and questioning my financial status. I stood up to these arrogant, manipulator’s of circumstance! Maybe they controlled M but they didn’t even know me and could/would NEVER control me! But for M is wasn’t/isn’t so easy. I had first insight into this in Feb 2016. When I first met M we were at my place just chatting about some random topic and then she began to tell me that she couldn’t let her parents know she DROVE. ??? Drove? You mean like ‘Drive a vehicle?’ Yup!..I know right. Why?? (What other question CAN there be?)

This is what I was told. She began to tell me how her childhood was. About forced EVERYTHING! Had to be her parents way or the extreme measures way! Her parents had basically instilled in her that IF she chose to DRIVE and have her own CAR that in their eyes they would see that as a sign of distrust and they would assume she was out ‘doing bad things’..(I bet by now you’re confused. Thinking maybe I am just wording or explaining it wrong,.I wish i was but I’m not) When they would call I had always understood that they KNEW where she was, and that they would almost certainly know she had to BE STAYING WITH ME.  How else did they figure she was able to live in Edmonton, yet be able ravel to Red Deer twice a week all winter long to make her appointments? They sent her $300 every 4-5 weeks..that alone wouldn’t even cover Bus Tickets. I later found out I was to be ‘unknown’ in this journey. THEY actually that M was doing all these things on her own. The reality of it was this. My FAMILY embraced M from the get go. Like any other friend or family that comes into contact with MY family. They are always met with a hug, great company and gracious hosts.  But not this set of unethical and vengeful intent parents. They never once even hinted to thank me or my family for taking care of M for the previous 16 months, unconditionally. And for No Cost.

So here we were less than a month away from Baby James being reunited with his Mom. That at the very least would be a major hurdle. But they were actually going to WITHDRAW their application because they found out she was WITH ME!  All stemming from me NOT staying at their house when I came to visit in October of 2016.

But after nearly crushing their daughter’s hopes they reconsidered and I’m sure some sort of ‘forced’ deal was made to get them back into the ring to get Baby James. Although I cannot say for sure a deal was made. During this time was also when I was surprised by the overdue bill i got in April 2017 saying I owed ‘Maintenance Enforcement-$4243.00 CAD. To the mother of Baby James’, who had/has been under my care and cost ALREADY! So because I am in start up and didn’t have a lot of extra money, EVER, I lost my driver’s license. To get it back, I had to pay that bill then pay off ALL my fines before a new license was issued. The cost severely put me behind. The residual effects of THEIR extreme measure’s and tactic’s to gain control over other people’s lives and the life of their own daughter is staggering. Have you ever tried to get a government agency or court imposed judgement overturned? Or gotten someone who COULD help you …Listen…….If not for the $1500 retainer fee or cost to file. IT IS NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE!

Sept. 2017. After all the heartache and all the tears and all the emails and talks with Social Services that day had arrived. M and her baby were going home together!! Custody was awarded to L.H. & D.H. because I ALLOWED IT. The judge called me in the middle of the proceedings to make sure i understood what I was ‘Giving up’. I understood what I was doing. I did NOT want to do it. For fear of the ‘What If’s”. But to finally see Baby James with HIS Mom, M, It was the ONLY way. But I ensured by asking if it meant ‘forever’. And it did NOT. I could apply for MY rights back at any time. Her PARENTS AGREED! So for the first time EVER, M and Baby James went back to Qualicum Beach, B.C. with her parents where they would stay and I would find a way to meet and see the little boy I had come to love and miss. To this day I still have not held him, played with him or given the chance to love him.

Jan.2018- After travelling half way to Vancouver with the plan to receive help getting their, falls apart. A phone call takes place that sets off a focused and directed path to bring MY son HOME!

Feb 1,2018- ‘Can you pick me up at the airport?’ it was M. Before any other question is asked ‘where is Baby?’   She says she can’t talk right now but meet her there at this time. (she often NEVER answered a direct question. And I often knew what that meant) I would ask her 3 more times before she even left the island. ‘Where Is BABY!?’

48 hrs after picking up M without Baby James, (My heart sank and has been pounding ever since) i found out that her parents had done the unthinkable. Because of that phone call, where I voiced my hatred and sheer anger towards them for every thing they have done against M and myself and Baby James they KICKED HER OUT of their home. Because of their hatred for me. Separated Mother from her Son for the THIRD time in less than 2 years. All because Mom wanted her son to know his daddy. We had gotten in a few messenger video calls. He knew my face, my voice. And now he is alone with THEM!! M told me about how she told M to ‘break his spirit’ and to just let him cry in the dark’ She often would tell me about how her mom believes in Breaking a Child’s Spirit’ ..And it makes me SICK!  Rageful! And that’s where he is ..right now.

M has relentlessly been trying to reach him through her parents. Do you think they would return a text? or a voicemail? Or answer a call?  not a one.  I asked her when her Dad drove her to the airport , ‘What was the plan at that point? To get Baby back.” Her reply”He didn’t. All he said was they think it’s best If M goes to Alberta to give her control freak Mom (D.H.) a ‘cooling down period’

Im mistaken, L.H.replied once. After M sent him a heartfelt text message wanting ANY word on Baby James. M asks “Does he miss me?’ His response “He’s pretty young to understand. He is happy with WHOEVER gets up to feed him”

Does anyone reading this post find that remark just disgustingly ignorant?? Uncaring? Unloving?

I am fearful for my son now. M and I believe they are looking to ‘give him up’ to another family!

I cannot allow this to happen. I won’t. THEY ARE THE MOST VILE and VENGEFUL AND UNLOVING people on the planet! They are UNETHICAL , UNMORAL, And they use their money to manipulate people and situations to suit their sick needs to belittle their own daughter and steal her/our baby not once or twice but now a THIRD time in less than 2 years!

Please if anyone knows an agency or has any contact information that could help please leave in the comments.

So now I have a almost 10 year old boy i haven’t seen in Lethbridge, And a 1 year and 4 month old boy who is further away now than ever with 2 mentally compromised people who hate his daddy. For NO REASON.  Either way this is just the beginning for them. It’s about to cost them more than they EVER expected. People of Vancouver Island B.C.. Particularly the community of Qualicum Beach. The first house on the Left at Mill Road. That’s where my SON is! And he needs to be with his Mom and Dad,  who LOVE him!!

For Ryder and James,

Daddy’s comin’



When is enough, enough?

At what point does one ‘throw in the towel’?

When I began this journey to find a new career, I never in my wildest dreams imagined myself here. In an Industry few know exists, and even fewer understand  Regardless, I am here and I WILL find a way to succeed…or die trying.

I need to share with you bits of my life I feel are important to this process by which I can reclaim my life and my happiness. Everyone has a past. Mine is not one I am proud of, and until lately I was never aware of just how much time I wasted and people I hurt.

Don’t get me wrong. For the most part, I am a good person. I am thoughtful, aware, loving,considerate, giving and have always had a flair to be creative. I have always been drawn to the events and people that have the greatest impact and influence on my life and the lives of those closest to me. When I am/was around, I am a good father. Or I try to be anyway. Regardless, I love my children. ALL of them. Equally. And I deserve to be a part of their lives.

Until I got involved in this Industry my life was ….scattered. I was hopelessly addicted to crack/cocaine for nearly 20 years. Somehow, I survived multiple health scares and heart attacks as a direct result of using for so long. Yet for whatever reasons, my life was/has been spared I believe to give me a chance to give back to those who loved and supported me for so many years and to make up for lost time with my children. So to all of kids and family and friends, I am sorry for who I was. For what I did or said. I will be better. I am better. And I will continue to get better.

The past 4 months for me have been the hardest. Beginning in October when I found my only daughter Paige clinging to life in her bedroom. She is a type 1 diabetic(and probably the worst candidate for such a condition as she didn’t eat well or live well. I believe because the long term effects of her condition can’t immediately be noticed, she didn’t take it seriously) But that mixed with a sudden contraction of Phemonia , nearly took her life in less than 18 hours. She was on life support for nearly 3 weeks and it was the darkest and scariest few weeks of my life. I was alone and the cost of everything piled up against me was unbearable, but I remained. My 2 oldest son’s, Joshua and Tyan, seemed to distance themselves more and more. For reason’s which are unknown. My 9 year old Ryder (almost 10) I still have yet to see. I miss him so. He lives 5 hrs south of here but because I never have money at the end of the month, and his selfish mother is hell bent on replacing me and doesn’t give or share her number with me, I am left to crave the bond I once shared and had with my little boy. FUCK!!! I miss him like nothing else!

Sorry if this post seems ‘all over the place’. I have so much I want to share. Need to tell. Need someone to HEAR me and HELP me!!

Just this week alone. This is what has happened. Aside from finally getting back into a new(but dingy) basement suite with my daughter(YAY!) I am struggling to find my ‘why’. My reasons are there but yet again something has come ‘out of the blue’ to set forth yet another series of obstacles that I must fix and rebuild from. All i know is that my dad, who suffers from Parkinson’s, does NOT need this bullshit. He is and will always be my best friend and for her to do this to me at this point is beyond selfish. I can only tell so much of this as it is still unknown what will happen next.

God !! I have so much I need to say. So much of what is happening to me right now is NOT my fault nor my doing! People don’t understand what i’m trying to do with my business. Or my life. All they see is the cost of it with little reward. But they don’t understand why I’m doing it. Or even how it works. Everyone here, where I’m from, automatically associates anything online that costs money…..a scam. Regardless, I am STILL HERE!

I’m gonna leave this post as it is…from here…If you have any advise or direction or just a comment in general..please. I will reply back to you immediately.

As well the continued ‘Phone convo that changed everything’ is back….You really need to see and find out how low people can be and what I have done to ethically get my SON and my LIFE BACK!!

Till tomorrow,



Join me Tomorrow as I take back what’s MINE! …Qualicum Beach,B.C., Pure EVIL resides on Mill Rd.

For those you following my blog, you will know of a little boy named James. He is my son. I have never held him, hugged him, played with him or given a chance to love him as I want to. And should be allowed to!

In September 2017 a court hearing took place in Red Deer, Alberta that finally enabled him to be reunited with his mother and her parents. Because of the way James was unethically STOLEN from us(Melissa and myself) the process by which this came to be is complicated to say the least.

Fast forward to January 18, 2018. After struggling for the past 14 months, with rebuilding my life, finances, career and relationships with my children, arrangements were made ,loosely, for me to travel to Vancouver Island and finally meet and hold my little boy for the first time. I was excited to say the least. Even though it would require me to stay at the home of the people who stole my son and have turned my life inside out. During a period in my life where for the first time ever, I was passionate and focused on my children, work and making up for lost time. I am compelled to give back to those who helped me so many times. (Dad(David Lauscher),Mom(Vicki Porter+Barry), Aunty Debbie and a few others)

My journey to the Island was ONLY possible with an agreement made with Jame’s mom, that her parents would help me get there by splitting the cost of fuel to drive there. (At this point I only had enough money to get half way there and could NOT get there without this agreement in place). January 21, 2018. After not hearing from James’ mother in nearly 36 hours and driving nearly 800 kms towards my son, I started to feel my stomach turn. For these same people have done so much to negatively impact my life in the short 18 months since I came into contact with them, that what I’m about to reveal in the coming few days will make you wonder how people like this can walk amongst the good and caring , loving people of the world seemingly without being exposed for the vile human beings that they are.

January 22, 2018. After running completely out of funds and driving 915 kms west to interior of B.C. i was forced to call James’ grandparents to try and get ahold of James’ mom(M). It was the only option I had. The only option I knew I wouldn’t want. The one phone call i never wanted to make. But to bring me closer to holding my son James for the first time and give him a warm and loving embrace and feel a sense of relief and to give my mind and heart bit of breathing room from heart-ache and loss I have been feeling for a very long time…………Then it’s the option would take time and time again.

I dialed his number. (L. H.) He answered. The conversation that took place would set forth the actions and the ethical fight to bring MY son HOME to ME!!

TO bring you up to speed. I have another boy, Ryder, who I haven’t yet been able to see because of lack of funds and always having to dig myself out of bills and situations incurred directly by the Hodgson family of Qualicum Beach, B.C. Split between building my online business and living expenses and being thrown under the bus by various mediums and Life’s unexpected curve balls. (For those of you who don’t know my only daughter Paige,24, was on life-support in late fall of 2017. I found her clinging to life in her room on October 14,2017. A combination of Phemonia and her condition(type 1 diabetic) nearly took her life in less than 18 hours.

L.H., “Hello?”.

Me, “Um, Is M (James’ Mom) there?”

L.H., “What do YOU want?!”………

Come back in 48 hours when I reveal everything and expose these vile scum bags for who they REALLY are.

I will bring MY SON HOME!!  Sick of being heart broken and sitting on the sidelines. I am a good father and have more love for my children than what I am given credit for. And honestly, I don’t need credit from anyone. Those who know me, KNOW what and who I am. And I deserve to see and freely love MY CHILDREN!!

The people who stand in the way of me seeing my 2 youngest boys are about to have your lives turned upside down. You have no concept of what is about to take place. And everyone who knows you, where you live and work and play will finally see you for what you are!

You F#$^”!”ed with my life and my god given right to love and see my boys! You will atone for every unethical and evil action you took against me. I have everything i need to show the world who you are.

To my youngest boys, RYDER and JAMES. Your daddy loves you very much and I am coming to see you both. XOXOXO