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This is where I am now.

What’s up everyone!

Again, sorry it’s been so long. But I have been hopelessly trying to get my son’s back, build a business, and make up for lost time which is proving to be harder than I ever could have imagined.

Update on the fight to get my baby boy James back. Near impossible. The ‘Life destroying couple on Vancouver Island have filed injunctions, restraining orders and any other kind of chicken shit roadblocks to cloud the courts view of the actual circumstances.

I have also learned that money really can buy you anything. It can manipulate courts decisions, initiate blockades of communication and out right destroy another person’s life. And unless you have a matching funded wallet, then i am sorry to say that there isn’t a god dam thing you can do about it.

Regardless of condemning proof and a documented timeline full of receipts, emails, conversations, text messages and even a government enforcement agency noticing that something ‘just wasn’t right.’ None of those key elements are of any use. Why? Because unless you have $3500 for a retainer, sorry but you are shit out of luck. I have written all the way up the government ladder. Right to the Attorney General of Canada. And while they all ‘feel’ for my situation they can only help or connect with other government officials. All I’ve ever gotten is a person to contact down the ladder and it results in nothing.

So I ask and wonder this.

How Does someone has been wrongfully judged, overlooked or been a victim of false testimony and malicious Intent go about getting their life back?

How? And then why won’t ANY legal office or person HELP ME get my SON BACK?

I have called countless lawyers in both B.C. and A.B. and nobody or agency can or will help me correct this serious matter in which MY SON was used as a pawn. He was used as leverage by 2 mentally sick people against their own daughter. Not once but twice in 20 months. Then forced their daughter on a plane to Alberta, without our son she just got back 5 months earlier. Promising she could come back in a few weeks after the bitch grandmother ‘cooled down’.

Just to purposely HURT HER, ME and give our son AWAY without even telling us.

Think about that. Who does that? Think of the pain we continually go through.

She has been with me, trying anything to get someone to help us. The only contact from her P.O.S. parents came 6 weeks ago. Out of the blue, D.H. texted her daughter. She only had 1 thing to say and ask.

“Are you still with Robin?”  ?????? really?

After 8 months of no contact, MOST parents, mother’s, father’s, would say “How are you?” or “I miss you, how have you been?” Or even maybe give an update on the status of her other little girl and OUR SON.  But no. Not this sick woman. She only wanted to know if she was with me still.  Stunned of the FACT that she doesn’t have a choice or the means to be anywhere else!! She HAS TO BE WITH ME you moron!! You Ripped her son away from her because you wanted to control the lives of other people and when you found out you couldn’t you lashed out and did the unthinkable AGAIN!! Separating mother from son so you could play out your sick fuck game and ensure WE would NEVER find or get him back!!

Well guess what. Through all the injunctions, and restraining orders and blocks you put in place to try to cover up the illecit steps you took over the past 3 years have failed! 🙂

Out of the darkest of everything you have done to us, someone noticed. Finally the right person noticed. And this person has ensured us that ALL of these wrongs WILL BE CORRECTED. And all those responsible WILL ATONE for THEIR ACTIONS.

Finally, there is light at the end of the tunnel. They played ALL their cards.

Now it’s OUR turn. James will be COMING HOME SOON! And D&L.H will be forced to defend or justify their actions. Only thing is, they won’t be able to. Because they were all done with Malicious & Hurtful Intent!!  And the stupidest and most petty reason ALL of this took place………..


Because I chose to stay at a hotel on MY vacation to see my friend, instead of staying in the House of Control and Manipulation on Mill Road in Qualicum Beach, B.C.

You should not have stuck your evil nose in my business or taken my son and life from me!! You sick fucks are about to ‘Pay the Piper’  🙂

In the meantime, To ANY and ALL residents of British Columbia. Our Son, James David Hodgson, is with a loving family I am sure. Please connect with us. Just email or call me at:


Please. He belongs with us. He never should have been traded back and forth as many times as he has been. The agency that set him up with you is acting under the false testimony of his uncaring and cold grandmother who gave him away after forcing her own daughter to leave the province. Simply because she could not control me, her daughter the way she wanted it to be. There are many things you don’t know and I can show and prove them all. Either the process will return him to us.

Thanks for reading my update.

Robin Lauscher

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Immoral Damage Control

Hello my valued followers,

Well most of you anyway. I say that because I know the scumbags on Mill rd follow this blog as well as their harem of litigators. So despite what I have been advised to not do, I’m gonna go ahead and do it anyway.

Initially this blog was to be about my journey in I.M. and my unwavering and focused drive to attain success in my online business. But it has taken a different course as I am trying to reclaim my son who I have never held or given the chance to play with, bond with and watch him develop. But whom I love very much and will not stop in my quest to right the countless wrong’s  done against his mom, myself and my son. Who was taken from his mother and I not once but twice in 18 months by his p.o.s. grandmother. Who used my son as a pawn to try and control her daughter, me , and every situation and step of our lives which she had no right or say in.

This is where we stand now.

Let me ask all of you. Knowing what we know to this point, WHY would someone file an injunction against this blog? Sure it walks the legal line of what could and should be disclosed but I don’t care. You have gone through every length possible to block me, discredit me and still I am moving closer and closer to reclaiming my son. THEY (L & D Hodgson) filed an injunction of some type. I can’t make out what it is exactly but i’m guessing it is stopping this blog and it’s content from being used in court.

Why would they do that if they have done nothing wrong?  That’s just it. They did this as a means of ‘Damage Control’. They have even gone so far as to claim this blog is full of lies. LMFAO.

IS THAT SO? Ok then. LET’S ALL PUT OUR CARDS AND FACTS ON THE TABLE AND LET’S SETTLE UP IN A TRIBUNAL!! PUT YOUR DEMENTED AND TWISTED VERSION OF THE FACTS OUT THERE AND LET”S SEE WHO COMES OUT AHEAD AND VINDICATED!! You couldn’t wait to put Melissa on a plane so you could throw away OUR SON! A week after you forced her to leave her son for the second time you threw our son away like he was nothing!!!

I have EVERY DOCUMENT AND EMAIL and SMS message going all the way back to 2016 when I had the unfortunate displeasure of meeting your ugly ass’es. You are vile people who played the system and agencies into believing you are loving, supportive and moral people. When the truth is quite the opposite! And I have so much proof of this it will make your head spin!! Just you wait! DO you really think you can fuck with people’s lives and use children as leverage in your sick need to control people?! And then use OUR SON to attain control after it was YOU who lied to have him taken in the first place!! If I could go back to that day in court when then judge called me and asked me if I knew what I was doing in giving my rights to you, I WOULD HAVE AND SHOULD HAVE SAID NO!! I wanted to. So bad. But I wanted Melissa and James to be together and reunited like it should have been if not for you!! Doesn’t matter but it soon will. You can block and close every door in your scared attempts to ‘cover up’ what you’ve done but it won’t help either one of you. Do you know why?


So I hope you read this tonite and the words within engrave and embed every waking and sleeping thought. I hope you never have a good sleep from this day forth. Just know that your time to explain your actions are coming very soon.

Here’s what kind of person D.Hodgson is. Keep in mind she hasn’t spoken one word to her daughter Melissa since mid january. Out of the blue Melissa gets a text message from her mom.

D.Hodgson: Are you still with Robin ?
Melissa: No and i am struggling and I want my son. 
D.Hodgson: He says you are together on his blog.
Melissa: I don’t know why he writes what he writes, and why the sudden interest in Robin, I am struggling and alone, I haven’t heard from you since you kicked me out, I was on the island in April to find out my son was gone.  And I am struggling and alone and heartbroken.
Melissa: Wow is that all you’re going to say to me after all this time?? You contact me after so long ask about Robin and not say how my kids are and that’s it??
D.Hodgson: I am not talking as I know this is not Melissa texting. (though it WAS Melissa)
Melissa: Call me and talk to me
D.Hodgson: Are you working ?
Melissa: I have been trying, I have been trying to find out where my son is . I am in a big city no bus pass and no address just makes it impossible.  My focus has been on getting my life and my son.  Emotionally I’m exhausted and heartbroken
I have messaged dad recurving nothing back since early February and I’m not sure what happened but I miss my Sophie and James and I’ve been unable to get peace with no idea where I can get any info on anything.
Are these the words of a loving and compassionate mother who hasn’t spoken to her daughter in nearly 6 months?
Their ONLY concern is ME. When it has been ME and MY FAMILY who unconditionally accepted and have been supporting Melissa. Now and from late 2016 right through till Sept.2017 when she was reunited with James. Just to be ripped from her son for the second time for NO REASON other than being unable to control and manipulate their daughter and the situation.
To D.Hodgson: You think you know me. You speak about keeping the kids ‘safe’ You have no idea who or what I am. I AM COMING FOR MY SON YOU SICK BITCH!! Everything you and your pussy hubby have ever done and LIED about will be disclosed and the community you live in and people you know will finally see you for the twisted, sick and methodical people you are! Loving, unconditional, compassionate and family bond are conditions and elements YOU do NOT possess.
YOUR family is built on LIES and hidden truths and secrets you wish to keep locked away…
YOU FUCKED WITH THE WRONG ONE!! Soon you and L. H. won’t have any choice either. Like the choices or decisions I never made but was made out to be a unworthy and unwilling person who couldnt care for my son. You have cost me so much, just wait till everything comes into the light..Then we’ll see who has been ‘unethical’ and ‘abusive’.
Good Luck!!
And to my son Ryder,
I am coming soon my boy. I love you very much and my heart aches to reclaim our bond and happiness. I will make up for lost time and will never lose touch with you again. I love you very much!!   Image below: Mom & James reunited and 2 months before L & D. H planned to seperate them and thrown our son away!!

Sunny Skies Ahead

It’s been a while. I apologize.

And while the seemingly impossible fight to reclaim my son’s continues, I continue to push forward in my life and business.

But before I get into that I really need to get something off my back. What is with our justice system. My case is clearly one of deception and out right lies, yet the people that incurred this whole ordeal are not held to any accountability for what they have done.

They even went so far as to file an injunction against this blog. Lol. Can you believe that?

Knowing they crossed a line by using my son as a pawn in their scattered and sick plan to control every person within their family circle.

I mean HOW can it be allowed or admissible to lie on an affidavit, purposely separate mother and son, TWICE, and then send mother a province away, then give away her baby a week later.

If that doesn’t scream “Malicious Intent” then I don’t what does.

Yet lawyer after lawyer tells me it’s not relevant. Really? So someone can outright destroy someone else’s life, for no gain other than to cause emotional and financial hardship.

And then to use a little boy as a pawn to satisfy their need to be right and in control.

They are snakes. They have no morals or regrets. They see people as ‘expendable’. They use the courts and give false testimonies to get what they want, leaving broken lives, brokens hearts and lost and confused children in their wake.

How can this be allowed? I always thought this country was pretty good at evaluating and delivering fair and appropriate justice.  I can tell you that from where I stand, our justice system is severely flawed. When Family & Social Services gets involved they too have shady ways to embellish or ‘revise’ documents that destroy families.

Everyday I see, less than loving parents of little children who publicly get aggressive over a crying baby or wandering youngster. It makes me furious!

Just the other day a couple in a store had  a crying little one and the father picked up this little girl by her arm, spanked her and then forcefully threw her into the carriage. Swearing and cursing at this little girl. They went at the counter and not even the clerk said anything.  They get their baby but I don’t get mine??

Help me understand this.

And to L& D, I know you’ll read this. You think it’s over? It’s not.It has just begun. You think you know me, you don’t. I am 100x the parent you ever could be. You have caused so much anguish and pain that I’m sure your happy about. It reflects to the type of people you are. Methodical, calculating and malicious. NOTHING about you or who you portray yourself to be is based on Love, Understanding, Unconditional, genuine. People like you don’t deserve those personal traits. You don’t qualify.


Sorry I got off track. This week Im launching a business that will be my legacy business direction. Come back mid-week to see what’s happening!

Update: The Monsters on Mill Rd. Qualicum Beach…..con’t

So in the past few weeks since my last post (Sorry, I know it’s been a while) alot has changed.

The very direction and result we had hoped for has now violently and methodically been altered. It has become a battle that has now become inter-provincial and those that need to know, are starting to listen and evidence is being brought forth.

Since Melissa unexpectedly showed up at the airport on January 29, 2018 there was immediately questions and unknown’s.  And over the next 7 weeks leading up to April 6,2018, She and I will work harder and scrape together as much money as we can to get her back to island to make contact with our little boy, James.

She would message her parents sometimes twice a day. Calling her ‘dad’ 3 or 4 times a week. Every week. From the moment she landed back on January 29. Her ‘dad’ only replying once. His response to her heart-wrenching cries for ANY details or information about her son she was forcefully seperated from for the 2nd time in less than 20 months. “How is My son? Does he miss me?” she asks. Her father replies,”He is happy to see ANYONE who feeds him.”

Just the typical ‘loving’ remark any genuine and ethically and heartfelt gand-parent would say.

When I read that response I instantly felt a rage inside of me that just wanted to lash out a 1000 different ways! Inflicting the same pain he and his unmoralistic wife ‘D’ have inflicted emotionally on myself and their own daughter, Melissa.

I often tried to place myself in her shoes. Although the pain of this matter has been shared between us both, as a mother , to have your child taken from you, not once but twice by the same people. So they could satisfy their own sick thirst to control and manipulate every situation to get THEIR way, and seemingly be accountable to none of it?  FUCK THAT!!

After getting on a bus and travelling all the way back to her parents house on Mill Road, Qualicum Beach, Vancouver Island, she walked up the house to see her adoptive father (L.H.) mowing the grass. Without even saying hello he pipes up when she is a few feet from the door. “What are you doing here?, he says. “You son is NOT HERE!” and then proceeds to ask why she is even there and if she doesn’t leave the property he’ll call the police.

?!?!?!?!?!?!   Are you Fu%#$& Kidding me   !?!?!?!?!?

Like the cold and calculated and selfish people they are, although calling them people I feel is undeserving. They don’t qualify. But like they have proven time and time again, they have went and done the unthinkable to satisfy and then cower to prove once and for all who is in charge!! THEY ARE!!

They really showed their daughter and me just how much pain they can cause to hold their heads high and fool their community, co-worker’s and anyone else they portray themselves to be. Just like in the affidavit they gave on July 19,2017 in Red Deer, Alberta that they outright LIED on. Under oath i might add.

Form day 1 when I chose to stay at a hotel in comfort on MY holiday , instead of staying at their house so they could ‘control’ the situation is the ONLY reason ANY of this is happening. D.H. verbally stated this during the phone call we had back on January 21,2018. I also have an email where she states this very petty and selfish justification for emotionally destroying her daughter’s psyche and altering and confusing my life and little baby James’ life.

On a positive note, those who need to know, know. But it is for all these reasons why they methodically shipped her off the Island on January 28,2018. They ALREADY knew and had planned to do the unthinkable and give their daughter’s son…AWAY!

From what we understand they gave him away sometime between February 7 and February 12,2018. But we know where he was taken. We have been in contact with those who need to know.

Alot of people around the globe have told me this record and account as I outline it in this blog may be detrimental to my case and for the proper and rightful justice this case should have. The way I see it is this.  If it is so easy to LIE and manipulate the system that is supposed to stand for peace and justice and a fair right to stand up for whats right then what are we doing????  Is this ‘JUST’?  Is this ‘JUSTIFIED’?

I really love the comments. Good or Bad or Impartial I read em all. And take every bit of advice or suggestions and think about it form a rational point of view.

But one way or another I’m getting my son(s) back!! There is NO WAY this will be allowed to go uninterrupted and unquestioned. And those responsible for fucking with MY life, with their daughter’s life and the life of a little boy who has exchanged hands and houses more times in his short life that he is probably in a state of confusion and wonder. It breaks my heart.

So, that’s where we stand right now. Heart broken and looking for answer’s. During the past 22 months I have never felt an emotion so profound as in relation to wanting my youngest boys in my life. Ryder and I had a bond that was special for us. Not to discredit his mother for anything because the reality of it is that she is a good and loving mother to him. That was never in question. But what is wrong is how she has purposely chosen to omit and discredit me out of his life. All because she is selfish and has this fictitious notion that her current bf SHOULD be Ryder’s father. Even though MY family helped and accepted her many times over even prior to when Ryder was born. I helped her lot’s and this is my repayment. I haven’t seen my son in 3 Christmas’ in a row. I promise you Ryder, there will NOT be a fourth!

And for my little baby boy James’, whom I have never held or played with or given an opportunity to love and raise and watch him grow, I will also see you very soon as well. Diligent research and inquiry has finally paid off.

This series of posts as they relate to my current situation with my boys, is dedicated to ALL parents out there who have been thrown under the bus and have not seen their children due to a vengeful ex, a pack of lies or a methodical plot to cause you pain to satisfy someone else’s sick need to inflict pain, My heart goes out to you and I understand your pain. But there are ways to connect with those whose voices and positions CAN help you reclaim your happiness and your children. Just think outside the box. If a level of provincial or federal government is getting you nowhere then look ..HIGHER. Who do they answer to? That’s where I went. And in a very short time was able to reach the very top. As an example, If anyone out there has a Maintenance Order against them that was outlined by an old tax return or a circumstance that was NOT included or excluded from the original motion, then you know that trying to get anyone from Maintenance Enforcement to listen to you is next to impossible. The system was/is designed to make default and ‘dead beat’ father’s accountable for their children. Fair enough. But it was NEVER designed or outlined to protect or allow the father’s of children who have been unjustifiably had their children taken away or right to see them denied by the spouses, grandparents,co-worker’s or former friend who just wants to cause them pain for their own needs. Circumstances such as these SHOULD have a place in our courts and in our Family Law Resolution policies.

And those who alter and disrupt the lives of others with malicious and selfish intent SHOULD be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law! Sentence or fine or take away THEIR rights or ability to see their children for the exact amount of time YOU/I were taken away from OURS! Maybe then people will think twice before using the system and the courts to act out their methodical and pain inflicting notions.

There is little left to do now but wait for a reply. L.H. & D.H. who live on Mill Rd, Qualicum Beach, Vancouver Island, I have but 1 thing left to say to you………but that will have to wait until I see you both face to face in court. But know this. When the dust has settled and there is nothing left to do or say NEITHER of you will EVER SEE or INTERACT or be in James’ life. You are poison who stole him from his mother, twice and without blinking an eye, gave him AWAY like he was nothing!! You both should be ashamed of yourself for doing and acting how you have going all the way back to the summer of 2016 when you arrived in Red Deer. But even then I offered you both a civil and beneficial resolve for all of us, multiple times, when I was justified then so write you off. The steps you took to gain, alter, control and emotionally discredit Melissa and myself will be what sets US free!!

And you two can look back at what could have been, and what you will NEVER have again!

Family.  Love.

Help us bring James home where he belongs. If anyone in the greater Vancouver area can help us, please comment below.

Thanks for reading this post.

For James and Ryder.melissa&amp;baby

What’s your ‘Why’?

First off I want to thank all of you who have read my blog/story thus far. Your comments and interest have kept me going when so many times over the past few months I was ready to give up and go back to a life where people accepted me more as an addict than as an entrepreneur and loving father. So again, from the deepest and most genuine places of my heart, Thank You.

To bring you up to speed, It has come to my attention that the monster’s on Mill Road, in Qualicum Beach,British Columbia, have read my last few posts. 🙂

“To Both of You P.O.S. scumbags,

This is NOTHING compared to what is coming. I have reached out to those whose voices trump yours by far and have the resources and the means to correct this unethical and serious misallocation of morals and justice to bring MY son home to ME!!” (You really shouldn’t have LIED in the affidavit given on July 19,2017)   But ironically, I am glad you. Soon, you’ll know why.

To my other littlest man who I crave to see. I miss you sooo very much it hurts and I am coming Ryder Lauscher (Napesis). I am coming soon!

This blog will take a new shape and direction. For those who don’t know, I have been trying to build an online business/lifestyle for the better part of 2 years. With limited and scattered success.I have passionately given everything I have into this. For those in the home based business/Online business Opportunity niche’, you know that until or if you ever have your breakthrough, that it is extremely difficult to explain to others what exactly it is that your trying to accomplish. Or explain where all your money goes and why the credit card is always maxed. In an Industry I never in a million years would have thought I ever would have been a part of or picked for myself, it is one that has changed me.

I literally learn something new every single day. To those who have personally been a part of my development I thank you. But to all of you shady, cheating and misleading business’s and marketer’s, I’m coming for you.

Who remember’s Michael/Nigel Beeson?  The G.I.M. Guaranteed Email Sending System. The scumbag marketer who robbed and stole from so many people over the past few years, including myself. Well,guess what.He is BACK. And even worse, he has revamped the exact same program, only slapping a new name and a fresh coat of paint on it. But rest assured, it’s him. I have tried to directly reach him through email and phone but have been unable to get any response from him. I have even tried to reach the good folks over at who allow him to sell his shit program. Or the blind and uncaring person’s at who also play an intrical part of this scam system. For those of you who have been ripped off, email these companies and let them know your dismay. I have. To take a further look go here, Just don’t BUY it. You’ll NEVER get paid.

So from now on i’ll be posting the Best of the Best, and the Worst of the Worst in the Affiliate Marketing and Home Based Business niche’. It’ll be raw, and straight up, to the point and 100% no bullshit assessment of what works and what doesn’t. I encourage ALL marketer’s and Biz-Op people and business’ to leave your comments and affiliate links and look forward to developing this blog and my business for years to come.

I gotta stop here. I could write endlessly here. And will continue to do so more consistently.

Never give up!! You breakthrough is just around the corner!!