Sunny Skies Ahead

It’s been a while. I apologize.

And while the seemingly impossible fight to reclaim my son’s continues, I continue to push forward in my life and business.

But before I get into that I really need to get something off my back. What is with our justice system. My case is clearly one of deception and out right lies, yet the people that incurred this whole ordeal are not held to any accountability for what they have done.

They even went so far as to file an injunction against this blog. Lol. Can you believe that?

Knowing they crossed a line by using my son as a pawn in their scattered and sick plan to control every person within their family circle.

I mean HOW can it be allowed or admissible to lie on an affidavit, purposely separate mother and son, TWICE, and then send mother a province away, then give away her baby a week later.

If that doesn’t scream “Malicious Intent” then I don’t what does.

Yet lawyer after lawyer tells me it’s not relevant. Really? So someone can outright destroy someone else’s life, for no gain other than to cause emotional and financial hardship.

And then to use a little boy as a pawn to satisfy their need to be right and in control.

They are snakes. They have no morals or regrets. They see people as ‘expendable’. They use the courts and give false testimonies to get what they want, leaving broken lives, brokens hearts and lost and confused children in their wake.

How can this be allowed? I always thought this country was pretty good at evaluating and delivering fair and appropriate justice.  I can tell you that from where I stand, our justice system is severely flawed. When Family & Social Services gets involved they too have shady ways to embellish or ‘revise’ documents that destroy families.

Everyday I see, less than loving parents of little children who publicly get aggressive over a crying baby or wandering youngster. It makes me furious!

Just the other day a couple in a store had  a crying little one and the father picked up this little girl by her arm, spanked her and then forcefully threw her into the carriage. Swearing and cursing at this little girl. They went at the counter and not even the clerk said anything.  They get their baby but I don’t get mine??

Help me understand this.

And to L& D, I know you’ll read this. You think it’s over? It’s not.It has just begun. You think you know me, you don’t. I am 100x the parent you ever could be. You have caused so much anguish and pain that I’m sure your happy about. It reflects to the type of people you are. Methodical, calculating and malicious. NOTHING about you or who you portray yourself to be is based on Love, Understanding, Unconditional, genuine. People like you don’t deserve those personal traits. You don’t qualify.


Sorry I got off track. This week Im launching a business that will be my legacy business direction. Come back mid-week to see what’s happening!


To the Scumbags on Mill Rd. Qualicum Beach, B.C.

First off, I know you read this blog. I know your lawyers and other legal council you’ve sequestered to HIDE and COVER UP what you’ve done, also read it too.


Today, after calling and being ignored and outright LIED to by public lawyer referral services and having Legal Aid WASTE our time for nearly 3 months, they came back to us and told us they WOULD not be taking our case because there is NO way to prove any of it.


Obviously they spoke to the wrong person. I have EVERYTHING related to MY SON, and these LYING P.O.S, people who have manipulated the justice system and the family courts into believing THEY are so loving and have done so much to ensure the safety of MY SON!!!

Since when is it allowed to LIE on an affidavit, that totally alters the entire course of an individual’s life.

Since when it is ok to use children as pawn’s in other people’s sick & twisted need to be in control. I guess since it was ok to maliciously tear mother from child TWICE in less than 18 months.

Also, I guess when the courts say it is OK for ANYONE to give FALSE TESTIMONY about another, regardless of ANY implications it may have on that person.

Since when is our Family & Social Services so quick to judge and feel the need to use their position within the system to outright discredit and manipulate other people’s lives.

You see, I didn’t know the rules only applied to people who can PAY to have them changed or altered…….or REVISED!

THis is where we are at….Since my last post the most immoral and evil and cold-hearted couple who reside on 515 Mill Rd, Qualicum Beach, B.C. have filed paper’s EVERYWHERE to block our progress to reclaim our son they gave away, just to be in control and to hurt their OWN daughter and me. They didn’t even give a shit about OUR SON JAMES!! Their only intent from the very beginning was to be in control of their daughter and to withhold him from me because I gave their daughter a VOICE!

Through MY family , she was shown REAL love and support. Not FAKE and FORCED love like the SCUMBAGS on Mill Road are. They have taken EVERY legal course of action to BLOCK and COVER UP what they have done!!

They are a couple STUPID MOTHER FU@$”! ‘S!!

They use this blog as their ‘O my!! I’m scared!! Look at the horrible things he writes!! This is why we need to protect our grandson we gave away!! Because we love him so much!!”


I want this blog to catch fire and pass the word because NOTHING will stop my progress to reclaim my son, my happiness, my life and to make you BOTH accountable for every lie and unethical action you took against me and my son and his mother from DAY 1!!!

Your money and bullshit lies can’t close every door!! And I will not rest until you atone for EVERYTHING you stole from your daughter, from me and from JAMES!!!

And after we get him back and he grows up, when he’s ready I’ll tell him of this fight. That his mother and I fought to get him back after his own GRANDPARENTS tore him from his mother not once but TWICE before he was even 1.5 years old!!

LEZ & DEB HODGSON!! You are vile and despicable human beings. You have used your methodical notions and lies to outright destroy the lives of 3 people. Do you really think this would ever be allowed? DO you think you’ve won?! LMFAO!!!

Every action you take in defense simply adds to the massive pile of OFFENSE that’s about to come knocking on your door!!!

So all you lawyers who signed up for a subscription to this blog,Welcome!

I know your here, and that’s fine. I welcome ALL legal person’s who signed up only to report on this case.

Let me ask you this.

If I truly felt I didn’t have rights or a platform to stand on, Do you think I would even be ‘HERE’?  Writing what I write ‘HERE’! Are you under the impression that I am an uneducated or simple man?  If you do, I can almost guarantee it was on the words from Deb & Lez Hodgson. Who I can prove told many, many LIES and MALICIOUS INTENT towards Melissa and myself during the past 2 years. Think about it. Why would they go through such length’s? And then ask yourself…..

Why are YOU HERE!!  🙂

Melissa and baby were with each other night and day after getting him back in September 2017. Right up until they FORCED her to take a plane to Alberta.


Or maybe the question should really be, What did Lez & Deb Hodgson tell you was the reason why.

I bet you FACT and what THEY told you are 2 extremely different stories.

I have NEW & REVISED documents that I”m sure ANY of you would love to see.

Then again, you probably are wishing that I did NOT possess them. TOO BAD!!

I DO!!

Wanna compare notes and other ‘interesting and relevant exhibits??

This isn’t over. Not even close. In fact, things are just where they NEED to be.

And ALL person’s and agencies involved in this….will be named and brought to the front of the line.

Back someone into a corner when you think they’ve got nothing left. When you think you’ve managed to cover up every hole and avenue that may be used to EXPOSE the true account of this outrage!!

To most, they would be done. They would surrender. That’s how there is NO way you could have said the things you did, UNDER OATHE, about me. Because you don’t know me. And when the dust settles, you’ll wish you never stuck your nose in my life and used my little boy in your fucking twisted sick game of life!!

To the Legal person’s of Interest following this Blog.

I am right here. If ever you want the RIGHT and CORRECT information and to correct a serious misallocation of Justice to reunite a loving mother and father with their son, please! Get ahold of me.

Thanks for reading this post and there is much more to come.